There is rules of the game. Please, learn this.

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Item 1.1 - Flooding is Forbidden in any form ( ASCII image are also considered ).

Item 1.5 - Prohibited Spam in any form.

Item 2.1 - the Insult and humiliation of players and administration staff in the game is strictly prohibited.

Item 2.5 - Insults and themes of a sexually explicit nature in the game is strictly prohibited.

Item 3.1 - impersonating the administrator/moderator of the game is prohibited, the property is identification icons.

Item 3.5 - References to unverifiable sources in the game please do not spread.

Item 4.1 - Links to a pornographic video and 18+ in the game is not spread.

Item 4.5 - Incitement of ethnic hatred in the game is strictly prohibited.

Item 5.1 - Insult Religion of other players is strictly prohibited.

Item 5.5 - Topics openly terrorist in nature is prohibited.

Item 6.1 - Political topics is prohibited.

6.5 - it is Forbidden to put ASCII pictures with the 18+ limit.

Item 7.1 - Forbidden references, asking for input phone numbers or money.

Item 7.5 - Strictly prohibited advertising of any manufacturer of goods and sex services.

Item 8.1 - sources of the social networks VK and other banned, we do not recommend You to go for it, especially if someone asks You to do something illegal/to write something on his wall.

Item 8.5 - the Administration never asks You to speak the personal information and E-mail address for communication, do not tell anyone your L. I.

Item 9.1 - Forbidden to insult Countries, players.

Paragraph 9.5 - it is Strictly forbidden to post links to malicious programs.

Item 10.1 - it is Forbidden to use the names and nicknames of the administration for personal purposes.

Item 10.5 - do Not post in chat links to download any games, if you are not sure it is a safe link.

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